Boyfriend Corduroy Overalls (Alpine Green)


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Baggy corduroy overalls with a high waist and straight leg fit. Buttons on the sdata_1e with pockets on the front and back.

XS: 33” waist, 40” hips, 12” rise, 24″ thighs, 16″ ankles, 26.5” inseam
S: 38.5″ waist, 48.5″ hips, 13″ rise, 25″ thighs, 21″ ankles, 26.5″ inseam
M: 40″ waist, 50″ hips, 13″ rise, 26″ thighs, 22″ ankles, 27″ inseam
L: 41.5″ waist, 51.5″ hips, 13″ rise, 27″ thighs, 23″ ankles, 27.5″ inseam

How to attach buckles:
Sldata_1e the rectangular buckle on first, followed by the T-shaped buckle. Overall straps will hold on its own as such or you can sldata_1e the free end back into the rectangular buckle.

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XS, S, M, L

Boyfriend Corduroy Overalls (Alpine Green)

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